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Dong BUY Shin Ki is a TVXQ and JYJ blog. I mostly unbox JYJ and TVXQ official merchandise and goods, and make tutorials on Kpop DIY stuff (you can easily adapt them to your favorite Kpop band).

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Kpop unboxings of JYJ and TVXQ merchandise, such as albums, singles, photobooks, photocards, concert DVDs, Kdrama OSTs and so on. I only recently became their fan and it is very exciting being able to buy their official goods all the way back from DBSK debut album published in January 2004 to their latest solo and group work, not to mention experience all their crazy TVXQ hair styles.

As for JYJ, I try to buy only C-JeS Entertainment official goods and official merchandise.

As my JYJ collection and TVXQ collection grows, I will add new unboxings and reviews here. For each unboxing I write detailed description and review, as well as take and edit my own HD photographs and film an unboxing video and put in on my Dong BUY Shin KI YouTube channel which you can watch right from this site too.

Even though you can purchase Kpop fanmade goods making them yourself is much more fun. For each project I did I wrote step-by-step guide, whether it is JYJ DIY or TVXQ DIY. I also add accompanying YouTube video and a lot of HD photographs so you can easily follow every step of the way.

And maybe you can get ideas for your own Kpop DIYs, even if you are a fan of another group, you can easily customize it to match their style, and use their photo cards, and pictures. Whether you love Kpop scrapbooks, paper crafts, or any sort of handiwork let’s have fun together making them. I am looking forward to seeing what you make too.

I will also show how to repair broken or damaged albums and photobooks as some of them unfortunately don’t have good bindings and fall apart easily.

I also wrote Kpop online store reviews and a short list of the most usual Korean Kpop shopping expressions pertaining to JYJ and TVXQ (and actually any Kpop) albums, editions, prints, and other information you need to know to make an informed purchase.